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Simple and Unique Ideas for Window Cleaning

A simple and unique idea for window cleaning is to make your window cleaner at home. You can use a chamois or a soft “scrubby” sponge to clean windows and windowsills. After cleaning windows, wipe them with a lint-free cloth. For stubborn stains, use a mixture of vinegar and water. If necessary, use a rag to wipe off water from the edges of the glass. If you want to leave streaks, try a rag.

1: The same applies to removing mineral build-up on your windows. If you are cleaning the windows on the top floor, try using a U-shaped pole to prevent you from reaching out to the top of the windows. A chamois can also be used as a scouring pad for tough dirt. Alternatively, use a wet sponge to wipe the windows. It is important to be careful when using a chamois because paper towels can leave lint on the glass.

2: Using a vinegar solution is easiest to remove mineral deposits from windows. Another option is to use a microfiber cloth or a paper towel. You will want to use a lint-free paper towel to avoid streaking. Alternatively, you can also use crumpled-up newspaper to polish the windows. The crumpled newspaper will absorb the cleaning fluid and leave a streak-free surface. The best way to clean windows is to rub the newspaper in a circular pattern, rubbing it in a circular motion. For a longer-lasting solution, try rubbing your glass in a horizontal stroke.

3: Aside from a soft cotton cloth, you can also use straight acetone to polish the windows. Be sure to use a clean sock or hand when using acetone. You can also try hard water remover to remove mineral build-up and rust. While this method requires a bit of elbow grease, it is effective for window frames and blinds. It can also help repel dust and lint.

4: A teabag dipped in cold black tea is a simple and unique way to clean windows. The teabag should be clean and free of debris before you can use it to polish your windows. Hot water and white vinegar solution is an effective and economical window cleaner that can also be made at home. A homemade glass cleaner can be made in no time and is environmentally friendly. However, it is best to use a specially formulated glass cleaner to clean the windows.