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Some Practical Tips For Decorating Your Home With Chandeliers

Before choosing a chandelier from chandeliers shops in Dubai for your home, it is essential to measure the room’s width you want to hang it in. The size should be less than one-third of the room’s width or about the height of the dining table, whichever is smaller. Likewise, the width should not be wider than the length of the chandelier’s arms. If the height is too high, the bulbs will be hard to change or clean.

Must know the dimensions of the room:

The first tip to choosing the right chandelier is to know the dimensions of the room you wish to hang it in. To determine the length and width, multiply the length and width of the room by 1.5. For a ceiling of 9 feet, the length and width of the chandelier must be at least 30 inches apart. For a high ceiling, consider buying a multi-tiered chandelier. The height will be less than eight feet and will look better.

Decide which room to place the chandelier in:

The next step is to decide which room to place the chandelier in. The right chandelier for a dining room must be proportionate to the size of the table and island. For a foyer, a large chandelier may be too much. You can install a single large chandelier if you’re decorating a small room. However, if you have high ceilings, you should opt for multiple smaller chandeliers in the foyer.

You should know the length and width of the room:

To select the right size and shape of the chandelier, you need to know the room’s exact dimensions. You should know the length and width of the room. This will give you an idea of the height of the chandelier. It is best to use a multi-tiered chandelier for a room with high ceilings. There are different chandelier sizes, and their shapes should be carefully considered before purchasing them.

Size is an important consideration:

Size is an important consideration when choosing suitable chandeliers for your home. Make sure you choose a light fixture that will be visible in your home from all sides. The height of the light source is also an essential factor. The length and width of the chandeliers should be 7 feet or more above the floor. A suitable chandelier should have a maximum of three or four light bulbs. If the size is smaller than this, the bulb should be more than twice as big as the length and width of the wall, thereby reducing the amount of glare.