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4 Steps Of A Construction Project

A construction project is a long, meticulous process. The initial stage is known as conception, where ideas are fluid, and the foundation for the entire project is laid. Everything during conception must be done carefully, from choosing a general contractor and architect to finding the right property. At this stage, impossible dreams begin to meet more realistic ones. You must know these steps when looking for construction project management in Dubai.

Schematic design:

The schematic design phase of a construction project consists of various drawings that map the interior and exterior of the building. They also describe how the building systems are going to work. This phase also identifies and defines any site improvements needed before the construction begins. These improvements may include roads, sidewalks, utilities, and landscaping.

Design development:

Design development is a critical step in a construction project, often impacted by the project’s schedule. This phase involves securing permits, accepting bids from contractors, ordering materials, and engaging the services of an architectural and engineering team. A successful design is the result of extensive coordination and collaboration.

During this stage, the project team will work with the owner to develop a design concept. This concept will then be translated into construction materials and interior design. This process is highly collaborative and involves multiple meetings. Owners’ input is evaluated and weighed, and if it adds value to the project, it will be incorporated into the design.

Contract documents:

Contract documents for a construction project contain details governing the entire project. They set out specific details regarding the contractor’s obligations, the location of the work and deadlines, and sourcing policies. They also specify the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved. There are two construction contract documents: general and special conditions. The general conditions are the general terms that govern the entire construction project, and the special conditions set out the details specific to the project.


Commissioning a construction project involves the process of fine-tuning the operation of a system or plant. It usually includes consultation with the owner and SME consultant, and it may include the development of a performance guarantee. Before commissioning, specialized testing equipment is identified and procured, and methods for evaluating and recording test results are defined. The process also produces a substantial amount of data.