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Tips to Prepare Yourself Before Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

It is essential to be comfortable during your teeth cleaning in Abu Dhabi, so you should always make sure that you’re ready for it. Some procedures involve sedation and numbing, so you must be relaxed and comfortable. You should avoid eating anything for at least 12 hours before your appointment. Also, if you’re worried about pain, don’t eat anything for several hours beforehand.

Be aware of your dental anxiety and share this with your dentist:

Be honest about any current health conditions that may make you feel more prone to infection. It’s best to be honest with your dentist about any concerns you may have before the procedure, as this will help them tailor the procedure to your individual needs. During the appointment, you should listen to music or speak to a friend. Try not to be hurried because this can increase your anxiety.

Stay away from food for 5 hours:

During the teeth cleaning procedure, you should try to stay away from food for 5 hours. Smoking is a huge no-no, as it contains harmful chemicals that can damage your enamel. Aside from avoiding cigarette smoke, you should avoid eating beef jerky as it’s healthy but can catch the wires of braces. You can also drink orange juice but should consume it after consulting your dentist.

It is advisable to keep your schedule flexible:

If you have dental anxiety, it is advisable to keep your schedule flexible. For example, it’s better to schedule your appointments on Saturday or Sunday to avoid rush hour. If you’re a nervous person, you should ask someone to drive you home after the procedure. It’s not safe to drive after a dental procedure, so arranging for a cab is advisable. In addition to the dentist, you should keep in mind your diet. Moreover, you should limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol.

Getting enough sleep is essential:

The dentist will see through your anxiety by analyzing your body and the way you breathe. During the procedure, you should be relaxed and calm. You should also keep your eyes closed to avoid headaches. You should choose something to eat after the procedure. This includes a snack or a protein drink. It’s important to choose food that will nourish your teeth and make you feel comfortable.