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Pottery- Different Types of Pottery You Need To Know About

The first step in pottery-making is to choose your materials and finish. You can choose from three main types of finishes, gloss, matte, and opaque. A gloss glaze is used for tableware, while a matte finish is better for more sophisticated looks. A flowerpot, on the other hand, will not have a glaze. Different materials have different firing times and finishes, so you should choose the one that suits your needs.

There are two types of wheels: the slow wheel and the fast wheel. The former is a moveable platform, while the latter is stationary and spins on its own. The faster the wheel spins, the better the finished product. This process also allows for greater experimentation and efficiency. If you want a piece to be unique, you should use a fast wheel.


Another type of pottery in UAE is stoneware. Both stoneware and porcelain are made from clay. Earthenware is made from a baked form of clay and is finished with a glaze. This type of pottery is porous and easily cracked, but the glaze is waterproof. The early pots were made with a combination of both earthenware and stoneware. Moreover, they had a high degree of refractivity and abrasion resistance, making them the most durable.

Ceramic pottery:

Fired ceramic ware can be made in a variety of different ways. For instance, a potter may use coiling techniques or wheel-throwing. Either way, the ceramic body is formed into a specific shape. Then, they use a kiln to fire the clay to a high temperature. The high temperature increases the strength and permanence of the molded object. A result is a durable object that will last for generations.

Clay-based pottery:

Clay-based pottery is divided into three basic types. Earthenware is the most traditional and uses a specific clay, while stoneware is more common in modern culture. While the latter is the most expensive, it is more durable than its counterparts. The earliest wares are hand-built, although some studio potters use a mixture of water and slip to decorate their pieces. Then there are the hand-built wares.

As a result of the different forms of pottery, it is making them has changed dramatically over the years. Initially, humans lived a sedentary lifestyle to develop ceramic objects, including pottery. In the modern age, pottery is more varied than ever, and there are more possibilities than ever before for artists and craftspeople to create something special. In the past, people used clay to make pots, but agriculture allowed humans to control fire.